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Visma Megaflex introduces phone as a convenient access card solution

Modern access control means convenience, for both security managers and building users. Currently, when modern door readers detect an access card, they tell the system who is accessing it, which door, and record the time.
System integrator Visma Megaflex just introduced a powerful new convenience in their systems: the option to use mobile phones to enter. Mobile phones provide a sensible, convenient platform for securely storing digital access credentials because everyone keeps their phones with them. Additionally, mobile phone locks, whether fingerprints, keywords, or security patterns, can strengthen security further.
Mobile access IDs
Mobile phone access doesn’t just simplify building entry. It also greatly streamlines system management and enhances information security. How so? Mobile access IDs are also simpler to manage for temporary users like maintenance personnel.
Our customers save time and resources since they don’t have to handle and deliver physical…