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viisights showcases behavioural recognition analytics pre-emptive security solution at GSX 2022

viisights, Inc., a pioneer in behavioural recognition video analytics that delivers real-time video intelligence, is showcasing its advanced weapons detection, violence detection, threat detection, and personal and environmental safety solutions at GSX 2022 in booth #3951.
Video understanding technology
viisights’ unique video understanding technology utilises deep neural networks to analyze video streams from existing video camera systems to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms.
The early notification of impending and real-time behavioural events of interest enables responders to take faster action, effectively reducing or eliminating negative outcomes from potentially threatening or harmful events.
Real-time video analytics
viisights intelligent behavioural recognition video  technology helps create safer and smarter cities
viisights intelligent behavioural recognition video understanding technology is curr…