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Vigitron takes extra efforts to provide a reliable system solution to reduce installation and after-sales service calls

Designing network systems for security applications is complex and growing increasingly more complex with greater demands for bandwidth and PoE. The ability to successively connect devices is dependent upon network performance that matches the need of connected devices.
Discovering problems during installation or shortly after installation is frustrating, time-consuming due to repeated service calls and system downtime. Vigitron is taking extra efforts to help avoid this and assure the most reliable system solutions but reviewing sales orders and helping to evaluate system problems.
Maintaining system operation
Vigitron is taking several measures that are designed to:

Work closely with people to design the most reliable network solutions (Design Center).
Review incoming project registrations and sales orders to make certain they are complete and work with the application.
Work with requests for RMA to make certain they are not system problems and attempt to fix the problem with…