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ViewSonic Corporation partners with Smestow Academy to deploy their myViewBoard Sens analysis tool in the classroom

ViewSonic Corp., a provider of visual solutions, has partnered with the Smestow Academy in Wolverhampton, England, as the first school in the UK to deploy the AI-powered myViewBoard Sens analysis tool in the classroom.
Through the real-time insights generated by the intelligent sensor, the school can ensure the classroom follows wellness compliance, increase students’ engagement, and facilitate a safe and active learning environment for the best possible learning outcome.
Delivering best education
“In the last few years, we had looked for a total EdTech solution to improve the overall learning experience of our students. In 2021, we started working with ViewSonic to implement over 100 ViewBoard interactive displays in our classrooms. Harnessing the power of myViewBoard Sens is our latest step in this journey,” said Jonathan Stokes, Assistant Headteacher, Smestow Academy.
ViewSonic is passionate about providing comprehensive educational technology solut…