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Videonetics Intelligent VMS and unified solution help secure the birthplace of Lord Buddha – ‘Lumbini Park, Nepal’

The story of Buddhism began in Lumbini, where Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, was born in 623 B.C. Soon after, the famous garden of Lumbini, became a place of pilgrimage.
Located in the terai plains of Southern Nepal, Lumbini Park comprises of key Buddhist attractions, such as Maya Devi Temple, World Peace Pagoda, Bodhi Tree, single stone Ashoka Pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka, Pond Pushkarini, stupas, monasteries, and more. Till date, this sacred place continues to hold archaeological remains associated with Lord Buddha’s birth.
The Challenge
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lumbini is one of the four sacred sites that Buddha reportedly advised the disciples to travel to. The park attracts millions of visitors every year from across the globe. This poses a considerable challenge to its management, of safeguarding the pilgrims and protecting the property from vandalism.
Just the sheer size of this park made it tough to conduct effective surveillance of the expanse. Saf…