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UVeye organises webinar: Automatic inspection at the dealership

Current dealership challenges existing dealer state

OEM Pressure
Dealership Group/Dealer Principle Pressure; Sell more, do more with less 
Staffing Issues – SA and Tech – Old Guard v. New Breed (Experience v. Tech-Savvy)
Manual processes still require labor and a commitment from management
Multiple tools to navigate with limited integration
Difficult to sustain standards all the time
Limited certainty that all vehicles were inspected the same way, every time.What opportunities were missed?
UC Appraisal Process a few minutes, but prone to some risks

Manual Inspections
Drawbacks for Manual Inspections (Processes)​

Lacks transparency for the customer
Lacks certainty and knowledge of the thoroughness of inspection (management oversight/adherence to standards)
Dealers are busy – the chances of missing opportunities are higher with a manual process – safety, upsell, and…