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Utah school using mobile video system deployment as first line of defence

Canyons School District is located in the Southeast region of Salt Lake County, Utah. The school system serves approximately 33,900 students in 44 schools, including 29 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools, and several special program schools.  
This large district covers 192 square miles and relies on a well-coordinated bus system to transport 15,000 students daily on bus routes that cover close to 1.5 million miles a year. The district’s 200 Transportation Department employees maintain a fleet of 175 school buses that serve over 4,700 stops and 2,500 activity trips annually.
“Student safety is a top priority for us and buses have more than their fair share of problems,” said Director of Technology Support, Canyons School District.
“Our video systems are a key piece of technology used to keep our students and drivers safe. Bullying, fights, inappropriate behaviour, accidents, and vandalism have all been documented…