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Tow Advocacy and Training Experts ERSCA partner with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® to keep towers safer

The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) and HAAS Alert are teaming up to train and protect tow operators. ERSCA will teach thousands of operators how Safety Cloud’s digital alerting can help protect tow operators from the greatest risk they face.
Founded in 2012, ERSCA’s mission of facilitating and promoting collaboration in the towing industry includes a special focus on training and advocacy.
Through education and partnership, ERSCA is committed to improving working conditions for towing and recovery companies, as well as ensuring the safety of its members and the communities they serve. They offer some of the leading training and advocacy services and continent to update their guide with life-saving products and services for use in the field. 
90% less collision risk
Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert adds a layer of safety by digitally alerting drivers up to 30 seconds in advance
Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert adds a criti…