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Teledyne FLIR provides a 20 MP rolling shutter CMOS image sensor to enhance Instrumental’s imaging station

Manufacturing accounts for more than half of the world’s total Gross World Product (GWP) at $40 trillion, but 20% of every dollar spent goes to waste, according to manufacturing optimisation company Instrumental.
This represents a problem worth $8 trillion, or 10% of the GWP. Founded in 2015 by former Apple engineers, Instrumental has developed an optimisation and inspection platform combining cloud software, machine vision inspection, artificial intelligence (AI), and electronic test data that aims to reduce waste by enabling engineers to not only stop problems at the end of the inspection line but to fix them upstream as well.
Automated defect detection
A 2021 State of NPI survey of 100 electronics brands by Instrumental found that 76% of engineering time is spent on tasks that are easily automatable or could be expedited with better data. The waste in engineering time resources, among other factors, makes it difficult for brands to keep pace with the innovation speed th…