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Teledyne FLIR makes a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to install OTM thermal monocular cameras across Kenya

One hundred new FLIR Scion OTM thermal monocular cameras will soon be deployed across Kenya as a tool to help end illegal poaching, thanks to a donation to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) from Teledyne FLIR.
The company has been working with WWF since 2016 to support the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and rangers from regional conservancies to stop illegal poaching at Kenyan wildlife parks. These efforts include the Kifaru Rising Project, a 2019 collaboration between Teledyne FLIR and WWF aimed at leveraging millions of dollars of FLIR thermal technology, expertise, and support to end the poaching of rhinos in 11 parks and game reserves across Kenya.
Human-wildlife conflict
Seeing the success of the program, which helped stop all rhino poaching across Kenya in 2020, Teledyne FLIR is excited to announce the continuation of this partnership through this latest donation.
One of the primary methods of funding for the KWS and local conservancies is tourism
One of the primary methods of funding…