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Telaeris announces edge access control XPIR Series of fixed and kiosk identification readers for any workplace entrance

Telaeris, Inc., a safety and physical security solutions company, announces from the International Security Conference and Exposition, a.k.a. ISC West, its new edge access control XPIR fixed and kiosk identification readers fully compatible with its XPressEntry software.
PACS integration, flexible design 
XPressEntry integrates with most physical access control systems (PACS) and synchronises all relevant information such as enrolled users, badges, pictures, facial and fingerprint biometrics, access levels, areas, entry/exit activities, and more.
XPIR devices maintain connectivity to the access control system via cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and continue to work offline when the network is unavailable. XPIR fixed and kiosk readers are flexible by design for any workplace entrance, easy to install compared to traditional door readers and provide new outcomes never before possible.
Features of XPIR fixed and kiosk readers 

Identity & Permissions Verification…