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Tamron announces the market launch of a new camera module Model MP3010M-EV

Tamron announces the market launch of a new camera module, Model MP3010M-EV, an upgraded model of Tamron’s successful compact and lightweight Models MP1010 and MP1110 camera modules. The new MP3010M-EV camera module model will be available on August 29, 2022.
In January 2016, Tamron released a series of multi-purpose zoom-camera modules, Models MP1010 and MP1110. The compact and lightweight advantages of these modules were highly valued for use in a variety of industry applications including inspection and surveillance by drones.
Limited installation space
Due to the rapid progress in system’s automation and digitalisation, the needs and requirements of camera modules are diversifying to support new imaging applications such as quality-assurance, safety-inspection, and task-assistance. Tamron’s released modules have received outstanding recognition for the imaging quality achieved by the performance of an optical zoom lens and in the compact dimension o…