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SALTO Systems acquires a majority stake in Dutch technology company – Bluefield Smart Access

SALTO Systems, a globally renowned manufacturer of electronic access control and operating system solutions, designed to provide a seamless keyless and mobile experience for modern buildings, is investing in the Dutch company – Bluefield Smart Access, strengthening its portfolio of access control solutions.
The investment enables Bluefield Smart Access to anticipate the rapid international growth of opportunities that concern its unique cloud-technology solutions.
Bluefield Smart Access
Bluefield Smart Access is a Dutch company that specialises in the development and implementation of physical identity and access management and integration solutions, for corporate, industrial, real estate, and other markets.
The unique solutions, developed by Bluefield Smart Access, focus on automating the registration, authentication, and authorisation processes of persons, identifiers, such as access cards, cell phones, licence plates and access authorisations.
Physical identity and access manag…