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SALTO provides metal security door to the NAPpads built by The Salvation Army

Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness and the number of people sleeping rough across the UK, particularly in its larger cities, has increased in recent years. While it is far from being the only form of homelessness, a new initiative from The Salvation Army –who have partnered with a specialist Lancashire-based company ‘Protectal’ – is seeing the pioneering use of so called ‘NAPpads’ being used to offer pop up accommodation to rough sleepers.
The causes of homelessness and rough sleeping are many and varied but the increasing cost of rents, the affordability of housing alongside a shortage of affordable homes plus a range of social and health factors have led to a year on year increase
Metal security door
The Salvation Army already offer accommodation to people who are homeless through their lifehouses (supported accommodation) and churches. Here people can find basic accommodation, meals and keep warm and safe for…