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SAFR shares their top predictions for the physical security industry in 2022

SAFR® from RealNetworks, Inc., the premier facial recognition platform for live video, shared its top predictions for the physical security industry in 2022. These include letting go of fears around AI, embracing hybrid cloud solutions, and embracing pandemic-driven use cases.
The current conversations about AI are frequently fear-based. Coverage in the media has been dominated by depictions of rampant bias and invasions of privacy. While these are legitimate concerns, allowing the fears to dictate the conversation runs the risk of keeping everyone from getting to the potential benefits.
Developing policy recommendations
The trend for 2022 will be to move away from this fear-mongering and towards more balanced perspectives and a greater understanding of the challenges and possibilities of this emerging technology. This does not mean taking a stance of false complacency where they accept AI as a panacea that will solve all the problems.
On the contrary, engineers and product…