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Retrofit Surveillance with FLIR NDAA compliant cameras

Following recent investigations, several parliamentarians in the U.K. have called for the British government to ban the sale and use of Chinese-made surveillance equipment that has been linked to human rights violations in China.
As more reports link the partly Chinese state-owned security equipment manufacturers Hikvision and Dahua to surveillance systems deployed in internment camps in Xinjiang, China, many public institutions and businesses may want or need to update their security systems to include NDAA-compliant solutions.
Call for Change
A Call for Change Following the call to ban the sale and operation of Hikvision and Dahua surveillance equipment in the U.K., the Department of Health and Social Care took the call a step further and committed to removing all existing security infrastructure sourced from those companies.
According to IPVM, additional organisations are expected to follow suit. As system integrators set out to design new solutions that replace these devices, i…