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RealNetworks announces SAFR version 3.8 with updated enterprise capabilities and enhanced usability

SAFR® from RealNetworks, Inc., the world’s foremost facial recognition solution for live video, offering accurate, fast, low bias face recognition and additional computer vision features, announces SAFR version 3.8. Available now, SAFR version 3.8 includes easy SSL support, updated enterprise capabilities, and enhanced usability.
SAFR’s AI-powered recognition with liveness detection quickly (within 0.3 seconds) and accurately verifies and displays the name of a matched person. In version 3.8, the SAFR Operator Console improves usability by adding a match association by colour capability, additional anti-cluttering capability, and quick access to live camera feeds through the alerts panel.
Live monitoring tools
These upgraded capabilities allow the end-user to move more quickly through the SAFR dashboard. SAFR’s 3.8 release adds the ability to conceal age and gender metadata from the live monitoring tools while continuing to utilise all available…