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Rawinski GmbH highlights the broad scope of Molecular Fingerprint of PCB in electronics manufacturing

The rapid global growth rates in electronics production, combined with constantly rising quality standards and high requirements on process reliability, require new, innovative measurement methods in order to achieve a market-leading position, to stay competitive and to guarantee the highest quality standards to customers.
Established testing methods, such as optical and electrical tests, often fail to detect serious quality deviations such as high moisture content in the PCB substrate, thermal damage, and insufficient degree of cross-linking or chemical impurities. However, these can be detected precisely and reliably by molecular fingerprinting with an infrared spectroscopic analysis, the so-called FT-IR analysis.
Infrared spectroscopic analysis
The causes of quality problems often can be found in the smallest production deviations
An infrared spectroscopic analysis uses the principle of light absorption in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this process, the…