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Ramtech’s wireless security and monitoring system helps secure Scampston Park Lodges in the United Kingdom

Part of the tranquility that comes with holiday parks is the stunning, natural surroundings, attractive on-site accommodation, and plentiful resources. To maintain this, parks must rely on robust security and safety systems, which play a huge role in safeguarding beauty spots from harm, protecting people and property.
Tom Ambler, Leisure Sales Manager at wireless solution experts, Ramtech, discusses a decade worth of site security at Scampston Park Lodges, and how holiday park owners can utilise smart connected park technology to protect their investment and create added value.
Security for holiday parks in the UK
The United Kingdom is home to roughly 6,000 holiday parks, according to Savills, generating about £9.3 billion in visitor spending, before the COVID-19 pandemic. When protecting such valuable assets, holiday and leisure park owners are challenged by the risk of break-ins and other security, or safety threats.
To better protect sites, there is a rise in parks see…