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ProdataKey’s new app combines and PDK Touch within a single, convenient interface

ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the cloud access control platform built for mobile released a new version of its ProdataKey App. This unique, all-inclusive app for Apple and Android combines the functionality of, the powerful mobile-first management interface for PDK access control systems, with mobile credentialing and remote access previously available only through PDK touch.
The new app delivers convenience for anyone who administers a PDK access control system and utilises it to move about their workplace by eliminating the need to navigate two distinct interfaces. All things “PDK” are accessible in one place.
Remote access
For current users of PDK’s touch app, nothing changes. Their app will simply update with its new name, continuing to store their mobile Bluetooth credentials and allowing them to remotely open doors for which they have permission.
For example, employees might use the ProdataKey App to remotely permit a delivery person to drop off packages…