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Prioritising safety at Fulton County Schools with Avigilon

Securing more than 100 buildings is no easy feat, but it’s of utmost importance to the Department of Safety and Security at Fulton, which also includes the School Police and Student Health Services and Emergency.
With above-average student incident rates and student disciplinary concerns at some schools, upgrades to the security system were needed to allow better local and remote monitoring in important areas.
Avigilon video security and access control solutions
FCS is a great example of the Motorola Solutions Safe Schools technology ecosystem in action.
Its security system consists of Avigilon video security and access control solutions, and the school safety team and police department use Motorola Solutions APX™ P25 two-way radios to stay connected and keep students and personnel safe.
Enhanced situational awareness
FCS deployed an Access Control Manager™ system to secure physical access points in its buildings
To ensure that situational…