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Panasonic creates a virtual gated town by providing their security products at Fujisawa SST

From the air, it looks like any other modern housing estate, with circles and rows of white houses grouped neatly around a central plaza. A closer look reveals that every house has solar panels on its roof. When the users reach ground level, they notice the careful landscaping, the abundance of trees, and the absence of utility poles.
This futuristic complex is the result of a major Panasonic initiative aimed at creating entire communities that are eco-friendly, secure, and comfortable to live in. This builds on the company’s decades of experience developing and manufacturing home appliances, and, more recently, its innovations in overall home automation.
Former manufacturing facility
Fujisawa SST, located around 50kms south of Tokyo near the town of the same name, is the first of three such communities to get off the ground in Japan. Reflecting Panasonic’s focus on sustainability and the re-use of resources, it was built on the site of a disused former manufacturing facility. Const…