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PACOM joins GSX tradeshow lineup in Atlanta

PACOM Systems, a pioneer in security systems for complex enterprise multi-site and campus environments announced it would be featuring a sneak peek of its next generation of solutions at the GSX tradeshow on Sept. 12-14 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Cloud-based solution
PACOM’s newest cloud-based solution is an intelligent, user-friendly, and centrally controlled management platform. This powerful solution is also available on a mobile app to give full control virtually anywhere, anytime. 
It is designed primarily for monitoring and analysing security, CCTV, and building management data from thousands of remote sites to bring insights and greater efficiencies to any business.
Physical security
This next-generation flagship solution is designed to plug directly into the client’s ecosystem and provide clarity”
“There is a real evolution taking place in physical security today with an emphasis on sharing and analysing data that is produced…