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OPTEX REDSCAN Pro LiDAR sensors fully integrated with Genetec Security Center for enhanced perimeter protection

OPTEX, the sensor manufacturer, has announced its award-winning REDSCAN PRO LiDAR Sensors have been fully integrated with Genetec™ Security Center, to provide enhanced perimeter protection for the highest security sites.
The announcement follows a long period of engagement between the two firms, even before the launch of the latest OPTEX sensor series, to ensure the data and algorithms could be fully integrated and interpreted by the Genetec Security Center platform. By integrating the two technologies, a series of advanced features, exclusive to Genetec, have also been unlocked.
Advanced intelligent features
Genetec is the only company to leverage the live X&Y coordinates provided by the REDSCAN LiDAR to create critical area mapping and video tracking, including advanced intelligent features such as automatic target path fusion.
This feature automatically merges single targets detected by multiple sensors together as one to help reduce the number of events presen…