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ONVIF Conformance and built-in visitor management among enhancements for Integriti

Inner Range has announced several enhancements for its flagship product Integriti, including ONVIF Conformance and providing built-in visitor management capabilities.
Integriti is Inner Range’s enterprise-level intelligent access and security system, and its R&D team is constantly working on improvements to improve safety and ease of access for customers.
Built-in visitor management
Recently, a new update is available for new and existing customers, which includes allowing basic visitor management to be carried out directly within Integriti via a dedicated interface.
Default properties and permissions can be set up for different types of visitors, making it easier for users to create suitable credentials, and manage current visitors on site. This is available for Integriti customers with ‘business’ or ‘corporate’ software options.
ONVIF Conformance
Operators can connect IP CCTV cameras that are ONVIF Conformant directly to Integriti…