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Ontic announces the expansion of their real-time threat detection solution to identify potential threats

Ontic, the protective intelligence software innovator transforming how companies actively identify, investigate, assess, watch and manage physical security threats, announces the expansion of its real-time threat detection solution, giving corporate security teams the ability to establish situational awareness and identify potential threats to the business for a coordinated, proactive response.
As part of its launch, the company will integrate location-specific weather data from AccuWeather and enhanced interactive maps alongside the platforms’ already existing data sources including OSINT, real-time news, social media and dark web, technology systems and human intelligence.
Mitigating business disruptions
“Many solutions on the market today deliver signals from sources like OSINT, social media, and the dark web as well as weather forecasts and alerts that can result in an overflow of information limiting the context needed when physical threats may be imminent,” said Mani…