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Oncam announces the release of the high performing, compact and easy-to-install C-08 camera, extends their C-Series product suite

Oncam, a global independent manufacturer of single-sensor fisheye 360-degree cameras and video surveillance technology, has announced the launch of the C-08, a high-performing, compact and easy-to-install 8 MP camera that provides coverage of wide areas from a single viewpoint.
Engineered and designed by Oncam and powered by the globally renowned Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform technology, the C-08 camera achieves complete situational awareness, at up to 60 fps (frames per second).
Oncam’s C-08 camera
As with all C-Series cameras, the C-08 camera leverages state-of-the-art technologies, including StreamLite+ Compression technology, TrueDetail HDR technology, and Advanced Light Management, in order to deliver Oncam’s renowned image quality, even in challenging light conditions, while lowering bandwidth and storage demands.
The recently launched Multi-Mode technology, incorporated in the C-08 camera, allows users to stream up to four different views while ma…