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Nexkey develops new mobile access control technology to modernise the retail store

Nexkey, an innovator in cloud-based mobile access control, developed a new technology for retailers to simplify store operations and management after an increased need for curbside pickups, loss prevention, and overall better consumer experience to battle online shopping.
Nexkey Core
Nexkey has developed new lock compatibility for the Nexkey Core to replace every lock and key in the store with the smartphone, most notably retail cabinets. Nexkey also expanded its dashboard to deliver never before data covering store occupancy and department activity. 
By eliminating keys with an app, this new technology from Nexkey helps shorten the checkout process by minimising the time consumers wait for locked merchandise, preventing theft and asset loss with key logs, and can improve and speed up online shopping by granting the third party online order pickers access to merchandise cabinets.
Seamless access experience 
Access can be granted to every employee for every lock i…