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NEXCOM NViS 14162 empowers seaport situation room operation productivity

Kaohsiung port is the top 15 seaport in the world and the busiest seaport in Taiwan. With a handling capacity of 117 million TEU annually, the seaport is in full 24/7 operation and constantly receiving new missions.
Therefore, the seaport must have an efficient system to track and monitor the operations. The situation room can help the seaport operator efficiently manage and monitor the seaport terminal operation. The administrator can also make decisions based on and easily review the performance of the seaport to take corrective action based on evidence recorded to enhance operational productivity.
PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) port

NViS 14162 support build-in 16 PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) port all in one, it empowers seaport front-end and back-end as follows:
1) Front end: DivioTec Network Cameras
a) Connect up to 4 cameras for each ARMG including:

Two DivioTec 360° panoramic 20MP Multi-Sensor Network Camera NMP851
Two DivioTec 2MP Bullet Network Came…