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Net4 launches video analytics powered by AWS Wavelength

Net4, a UK-based technology service provider, has launched its video analytics platform, known as Net4.Vision, which is powered by AWS Wavelength.
Alex Taylor, Net4’s CEO said, “We are excited that Net4.Vision is now available to our customers. It is powered by AWS Wavelength and uses the 5G network, enabling our customers to reduce the cost of ownership of video analytics solutions while simultaneously enabling a scale-on-demand capability.”
Customer solutions
Net4 and SeeChange, have joined forces to deliver smart building and health & safety solutions as the initial customer propositions.

Smart buildings: In the last few years the way the buildings and workplaces are used has changed. It is important for businesses and building owners to understand the changing use of workspaces. Net4’s smart building solution provides detailed insights into workplace utilisation, driving optimisation and more efficient building usage.
Health & safety: Alongside this…