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MSA Security® launches firearms detection canine services

MSA Security® (MSA), an Allied Universal® Company announced a newly executed exclusive agreement with Shallow Creek Kennels to train MSA canines in firearms detection. This capability enhances the company’s existing threat detection offerings, creating a sophisticated new solution to address the escalating active shooter and criminal threat.
Canine training
MSA Security has been the industry’s leading Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) provider for over three decades with more than 800 DHS SAFETY Act designated teams deployed around the world. MSA EDC teams are capable of detecting a full range of commercial and homemade explosives, including black powder used in firearms.
Through this new partnership with Shallow Creek, MSA will be able to train canines explicitly for firearms detection, using odors unique to firearms, regardless of whether gunpowder residue exists on the firearm.
Firearms detection solution
We are pleased to bring a new, extensive firearms detectio…