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Motorola expands their License Plate Recognition (LPR) portfolio with the addition of L6Q camera

Motorola Solutions announces the expansion of its License Plate Recognition (LPR) portfolio with the introduction of the L6Q. The L6Q camera can be deployed and configured in a matter of minutes making it ideal for targeted investigations, securing events, and adding an extra layer of protection to crime hotspots, helping agencies to improve the safety of their communities.
“LPR has been invaluable in helping our officers’ crime-fighting efforts by providing investigative leads that have resulted in arrests for suspects in cases ranging from homicides and carjackings to armed robbery and burglary,” said William Short, Chief, Hammond, Indiana Police Department.
Public-private partnership
“With the addition of our public-private partnership, we are using technology to create an even stronger foundation of trust between law enforcement and the community. We are committed to including members of our community as an instrumental part of our operati…