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Milestone Systems introduces the new XProtect Incident Manager

With the introduction of the XProtect Incident Manager in 2022 R2, users will be able to manage incidents directly in their VMS and connect video footage with incidents as they unfold.
In the latest product update of Milestone System’s XProtect 2022 R2 video management software, Milestone introduces several new features and capabilities. These include managing and monitoring incidents with the click of one button, offering the Essential+ version of XProtect on AWS Marketplace, starting on July 5, 2022 and improving licence plate recognition to include style recognition.
With this latest product update, Milestone Systems continues to raise the bar on higher performing video technology software and meet the market’s rising demand for comprehensive, best-in-class, turnkey video technology solutions. 
XProtect Incident Manager
The new XProtect Incident Manager enables users to capture any live feed with a single click
The new XProtect Incident Manager enab…