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Maxxess adds facial recognition authentication to eVisitor with SAFR Integration

Maxxess has added advanced facial recognition authentication to its eVisitor visitor management solution for access control, with off-the-shelf integration to RealNetworks’ industry-renowned SAFR technology.
Maxxess eVisitor
Maxxess’ eVisitor visitor management solution has established itself as one of the most flexible, secure visitor management solutions available, with frictionless and touchless access, removing many of the old inconveniences visitors, staff, and contractors encountered to access premises, workspaces, guest Wi-Fi and corporate networks, as well as facilitate hassle-free time and attendance.
Now, with SAFR’s powerful facial recognition technology, organisations can ensure smoother and frictionless access, with the assurance of increased security across their estates. Using the same biometric authentication is also strengthening network security for home and hybrid workers. Maxxess eVisitor is used widely in commercial, hospitality, he…