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Making ‘Second largest City of Nagaland’ a safer & smarter place with AI powered Videonetics unified solution

Located in the extreme eastern part of India, the second-largest city of Nagaland boasts a resident population of almost 100,000 and spans 20 square kilometres. It is at an elevation of 1444 metres with majorly mountainous terrain.
The city is constantly expanding, with more and more people migrating to this city for better work opportunities and standard of living. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination of Nagaland with museums, cathedral churches, botanical gardens to name a few. Therefore, tourism also plays an important role in the city’s economy.
Smart city mission
Well-known as ‘hill town in the middle of Naga Hills’, the city was selected to be part of  Smart Cities Mission, an innovative initiative by the Government of India to build thriving cities and improve the quality of life of citizens.
The city was amongst the only two North East cities along with Agartala to have qualified in the top 66 Cities selected for the second st…