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Lumeo announces new analytic building blocks to extend their innovative analytic platform, in their ever-growing marketplace

Lumeo, a globally renowned designer of computer vision solutions, is announcing new analytic building blocks that extend its innovative analytic platform, in order to enable customers to take the custom analytics solutions they build on the Lumeo platform and integrate them with VMS, data visualisation, alerting, and central monitoring systems.
This flexible and ready-to-use integration approach enables businesses to leverage existing infrastructure and harness the wealth of untapped data living in video streams.
Built-in intelligence or intelligence-at-the-edge
Most security and surveillance equipment manufacturers offer built-in intelligence, or intelligence-at-the-edge, that allow a single camera to capture video, process the data, and send an alert if it detects a pre-programmed event.
In addition, back-end equipment, including network video recorders (NVRs) and video management systems process video data from multiple sources, simultaneously, thereby becoming the eyes on hundr…