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Konica Minolta launches FORXAI Video Security Solution and strengthens partnership with MOBOTIX

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) has announced the launch of FORXAI Video Security Solution (VSS), an offering that includes its FORXAI Video Security Solution for Intelligent Surveillance and point-of-entry solution, FORXAI Video Security Solution for Secure Access.
In support of this, Konica Minolta will build on its long-standing technology partnership with MOBOTIX in the U.S.A, strengthening the cooperation and support between the two companies. Joint logistic centres will support faster accessibility, as well as a larger supply of high-end video technology solutions, reaching locations in North, Central and South America.
Smart security solutions
The global VSS market is forecasted to be valued at US$ 32.37 billion by 2025, according to NOVAIRA INSIGHTS. A CAGR of 15% is expected for intelligent edge analytics combined with cloud services, both core strengths of Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX.
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