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Kingdom Group enhances service quality and efficiency with the launch of Kingdom Integrated Solutions (KIS) offering

Kingdom Group has just launched an integrated and dual solutions offering, in order to help companies streamline their facilities management and recruitment processes. By taking control of people services, quality and efficiencies are enhanced, and procurement costs reduced.
Kingdom Integrated Solutions (KIS)
Kingdom Integrated Solutions (KIS) brings together all of the people services offered by Kingdom Group’s ten companies, under one provider. These include hybrid security solutions – that combine personnel and technology – as well as local authority support, cleaning, recruitment, training and healthcare services.
By doing so, Kingdom Group is able to gain a holistic view of how each of its customers operate and an understanding of their exact people service requirements – sometimes without them even realising.
Benefits of one point of contact, one monthly invoice
Customers of KIS also enjoy the further benefits of one point of contact, one monthl…