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Johnson Controls acquires Tempered Networks to provide zero trust security with OpenBlue secure communications stack

Johnson Controls, the pioneer for smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, acquires zero trust cybersecurity provider – Tempered Networks, based in Seattle, Washington.
Tempered Networks has created ‘Airwall’ technology, an advanced self-defence system for buildings that enables secure network access across diverse groups of endpoint devices, edge gateways, cloud platforms and service technicians. It represents a step-change in operational technology built on secure transmission pipelines to ensure buildings data exchanges and service actions can only take place between people and devices that are continuously authenticated.
Fully autonomous buildings
The acquisition gives Johnson Controls the capability to provide zero trust security within the fabric of its OpenBlue secure communications stack, advancing its vision of enabling fully autonomous buildings that are inherently resilient to cyberattack.
Once a communicating device authenticates itself c…