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Inner Range brings new security solutions developing from access to Integriti API

Creating sophisticated, integrated security solutions managed via a single platform has been their USP for more than three decades, and the new API for Integriti, Their intelligent integrated access, and security system, reflects the steadfast R&D commitment to evolve and enhance the offer. They’ve redesigned the API from the ground up to dramatically simplify the development process for new integrations.
The updated API, known as REST XML API V2, allows the vast majority of developers to request a no-cost integration key to authenticate a licence and create a new integration with Integriti. The same free key can be used to create additional licences each time they sell the integration to Integriti end-users.
Significant financial savings
They’ve also re-written all documentation for the API, describing all possible endpoints and grouping information by integration module, which allows developers and administrators more targeted access to the elements of…