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Infinet Wireless helps ASTEL with their Point-to-Point solutions to set-up wireless network in Almaty Region

The solutions of Infinet Wireless, the global vendor of fixed wireless broadband connectivity systems, formed part of the backbone connectivity radio links in the Almaty Region in Kazakhstan, commissioned by ASTEL, the digital solutions, and telecommunications provider.
The operator’s professionals chose Quanta 5 and Quanta 6, the stellar Infinet Wireless’ Point-to-Point solutions, for building the links between certain locations as an alternative for the fibre-optic communication lines.
Seasonal temperature change
The Almaty Region is more than 22,000 sq kilometres. Its territory is outstanding because of its complex landscape with large differences in altitude and a harsh continental climate, characterised by strong winds, thunderstorms, showers, and seasonal temperature change, from -30 °C in winter up to +40 °C in summer. Providing connectivity to ASTEL subscribers in conditions where optical fiber is not an option was a quite complicated task…