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IDEMIA to provide Chile with the new generation of ID documents for the next 10 years

IDEMIA has been awarded a new contract that includes identity and travel documents, the identification system, and related services by Chile’s Civil Registry and Identification Service for 10 years.
The new generation of ID documents will incorporate multibiometrics: fingerprints, face, and iris. The ID documents will meet a higher level of security standards, making the Chilean passport one of the securest travel documents in the world.
Digital ID
The contract will also include a Digital ID that will enable local citizens to securely access online services. The new contract includes an upgrade of ID documents and the provision of a digital ID for all Chilean citizens.
The ID documents also comply with the highest security standards on the market, including cryptographic technologies. For the first time, Chilean identity documents will include iris biometrics in addition to face and fingerprint biometrics.
Private and public access
IDEMIA’s solution allows vis…