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i-PRO Releases the i-PRO mini – smallest AI-based surveillance camera on the market

i-PRO Co., Ltd., a pioneer in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety announced the launch of its new i-PRO mini-network camera.
Compact design
With a pocket-sized form factor and a full complement of AI analytics functionality, the i-PRO mini represents the next generation of smaller, discreet smart cameras that not only protect retail and other businesses but also provide operational and business insights.
Part of the i-PRO S-series line, the completely new compact design blends seamlessly into any environment. Although the i-PRO mini is exceptionally small, powerful AI processing on the edge enables the camera to quickly process large amounts of data, running up to three simultaneous AI analytic applications.
AI-based object detection
The camera supports occupancy monitoring, and a privacy guard feature to maintain GDPR compliance
AI-based object detection provides enhanced surveillance and reduces false positives while also delivering valuable opera…