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i-PRO Americas adds 28 new high resolution cameras with Edge AI analytics to its mid-range camera line-up

i-PRO Americas Inc., a pioneer in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety set a new benchmark in the expansion of AI into the security industry by adding 28 new high-resolution models to its S-Series line-up.
The new 4K, 6MP, and 5MP resolution cameras are available in indoor and outdoor as well as Bullet and Dome styles. Equipped with the latest lenses and sensor technology, the new high-resolution cameras are bringing a new level of image quality to support the highest precision analytics applications making sure every pixel counts.
Built-in AI processor
All 28 models include a built-in AI processor enabling up to three different Deep Learning AI applications running directly on the camera itself. The new line-up is also compatible with the i-PRO Active Guard plug-in (previously called Multi-AI), which unlocks the power to search images based on a variety of attributes.
For example, i-PRO Active Guard can classify all individuals wearing a red hat in a…