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Hikvision upgrades the video intercom system River Valley, Singapore

Upgrading a two-wire analogue intercom to a conventional IP video system typically involves messy and costly rewiring work.
So what happens if users want to install over 500 IP systems into a single building? One company, Hikvision, has developed an innovative two-wire solution and it’s already making waves at the luxurious RiverGate condominium in Singapore. 
“If someone rang the bell at the side entrance, it wouldn’t always ring in my apartment upstairs,” says the chairman of the condo council, who lives at the RiverGate condominium in River Valley, Singapore. “Visitors often had to call me to let them in, and I would have to travel down 20 floors to the main entrance. It became incredibly frustrating.” 
The resident’s story is typical of millions of residents across Asia, where high-rise living is the norm. In Singapore, the first condominiums were built back in the 1960s, to tackle…