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Hikvision brings the Wireless External Tri-tech Detector and a dedicated camera module

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announces a brand-new addition to its AX PRO alarm product line: the Wireless External Tri-tech Detector and (optional) dedicated camera module.
This powerful intruder detection system provides a better image, more precise detection, and a handy modular design – all working to enhance alarm system capabilities for both homeowners and small businesses. Tapping into the industry trend of using external passive infrared (PIR) detectors for video verification, the detector protects a property with innovative technology for precise detection and video verification.
Background noise interference
In these scenarios, false alarms are often triggered by anything from bad weather to leaves or branches to pets. The answer to dealing with these is to be able to identify them and ignore them as ‘non-threats’. As its name suggests, a tri-tech detector uses three sensors: a PIR sensor at the top, a microwave sensor, a…