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HES KS Series server cabinet locks now available with OSDP for greater interoperability and security

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas Group Brand, HES, is expanding its range of server cabinet locks to include Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and mechanical options.
These new innovations are designed to help protect physical assets, data and access to critical infrastructure networks.
Layered physical security
“With digital data and records, we need to create additional layered physical security protection that starts at traditional doors and extends to server cabinets, lockers, drawers and enclosures,” said Patrick Hill, the Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas.
He adds, “Different facility footprints, enclosures and areas now require protection. OSDP support in the KS210 server cabinet locks means that users get comprehensive control solutions.”
Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)
OSDP uses bi-directional communication between devices for higher levels of data security
Open Supervised Device Protocol (O…