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HENSOLDT uses latest technologies in sensor data fusion to increase protection for the Eurofighter

Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is putting its latest technologies in sensor data fusion and analysis at the service of increased protection for the Eurofighter.
By combining its Spectrum Battle Management Suite (SBMS), which creates a situation picture from a huge amount of Electronic Warfare (EW) data, with an advanced version of the evaluation software of the Eurofighter self-protection system ‘Praetorian’, the so-called Electronic Warfare Data Analyser (EWDA), HENSOLDT has developed a tool that allows mission data of the Eurofighter to be evaluated much faster and more precisely and to be used for programming future missions.
Self-protection systems
“The amount of data that modern sensors deliver today can only be partially utilised with today’s evaluation mechanisms,” says Roland Castor Head of Spectrum Dominance at HENSOLDT. “With the help of our Spectrum Battle Management Suite, we were able to develop an automated solution that proves it…