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Hanwha Techwin previews the Top 5 Video Surveillance Trends for 2022

The security industry cannot look ahead to 2022 without first acknowledging the significance of 2021: a year that changed every aspect of our daily lives, including how we socialise, work, communicate, and collaborate.
As the world started to emerge from an unprecedented global pandemic, organisations in every industry re-evaluated every aspect of their business, from how they interact with their customers to how they manage their workforces, and how they go to market.
Addressing security challenges 
This new landscape has also created new types of security challenges. Employees, customers, and partners increasingly are working from remote locations, sharing and collaborating through disparate online networks, which may leave data vulnerable to theft.
And, as sites are monitored remotely, new public health and safety guidelines are governing how businesses operate. Here’s a preview of these trends and an assessment of how they will impact our industry in 2022: