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Hanwha Techwin introduces AI inside the next generation of video camera

Compared to some other technologies, video cameras haven’t been around for that long. First used in 1942 to observe a rocket launch, cameras didn’t become used publicly until the 1960s.
This makes the technology’s numerous advances since then all the more impressive improving image quality and capture, footage storage, and integrations with wider security and business systems. Becoming what is recognised as a core part of every security function and beyond.
AI in video cameras
Video cameras are set to advance again, due to artificial intelligence (AI) maturing and becoming mainstream. A trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic with 52% of companies increasing their AI adoption because of COVID-19 and 86% stating that AI is mainstream in their organisation.
In video cameras, AI plays a two-fold role in making image analysis possible but also improving the quality and reliability of captured footage. In doing so, AI is bringing new levels of situat…